Online SV Shopping Spree

Who wants to go on an Online SV Shopping Spree?!
We have built our business by word-of-mouth and we want to thank you for that!

Being a host is so simple. Share your favorite items from our store with your guests in a one day Private group and give them a special coupon code to use during our live sale on Wednesdays.
The more you and your friends shop, the more you are rewarded! How easy is that? Shop online with your Besties and earn free stuff. 

Let us know if you’re ready for your very own SV shopping spree!


Up to 2 exclusive Coupon codes for you and your Guests during the Live Sale.


  • $150-$249 in purchases = 1 30% off item
  • $250-$499 in purchases = 2 30% off items
  • $500+ in purchases = 3 30% off items


  • If 2 friends book their very own SV Shopping Spree, you will get a FREE ACCESSORY (up to $20 value) once completed