How to PREAUTH your Waitlisted Items

During our Live Sale, we utilize our second site (We know…we’re EXTRA haha!)

If we sell out of an item during the Live it will add you to the WAITLIST. To bump yourself to the front of the line, go in to your account, scroll down to Waitlist and PREAUTHORIZE your items. 

See video below...

What is a PREAUTH?

Preauthorizing your waitlist items gives us permission to charge your card if we reorder the item, or if it comes available within a 30 day period. If the item does not come available, the Preauth will fall off and no charge will be made. 


This will bump you to the top of the list over anyone who is just waitlisted. We base our reorders off the number of Preauthorizations, not waitlist. 

Preauth comes in handy for Reorders. Once we add inventory, it will automatically charge your card and secure your item. No need to watch our site like a hawk for the next 30 days. Waitlist guests have 6hrs to complete their purchase or it will default to the next guest. 

Preauth is also a great way to secure items during the Live Sale. If someone does not complete their purchase within 6 hrs., the item will drop out of their cart and go to the next in line on the waitlist (those who have Preauth take precedence). Typically items drop out of cart around midnight…if you are awake from 12-6am and can complete the purchase great, but if you are typically asleep during those hours, having Preauth set up will secure the item for you.