PREORDER INFO- updates on your preorder tees and tanks


Tie Dye For Tanks and Tees PREORDER #2
Order placed 5/30

**update 7/3- Confirmation shirts have left the vendor. Expect few days delay with holiday weekend. Please see FB post regarding special discount code for your wait!!
**update 6/8- manufacturer is running 5 days behind 6/25-6/30
12-14 day turnaround (expect confirmation email with tracking between 6/16-6/18)



Driveway Drinker Tee PREORDER #2
Order placed 6/20

*update 7/3- our package took a trip across the country- thanks post office and has now been rerouted back to us. Expect delays due to holiday weekend, but you will be receiving shipping confirmation shortly!
6-8 day turnaround time (expect shipping confirmation email between 6/29-7/1)


Boats & Floats Tanks -PREORDER #2
Order placed 6/21
7-10 day turnaround time (expect shipping confirmation email between 6/30-7/3)